Sunday, March 25, 2007


I dont draw batman very much, hes a cool dood. Also hes supposed to be looking at a piece of evidence he found. I think the idea of batman as the worlds greatest detective is underused. Hes always portrayed as smarter than everyone else around him, but I like the sleuthing.
SHAZAM!!!! Jeff Smith is making me buy a Shazam book! Check out his new book Shazam! The monster society of evil! Its really good, its in a prestige format so its a lil pricey but its worth it since its Jeff smith doing superheroes!! Shazam Ive only really known from Kingdom Come, Dark Knight Strikes Again, a short arc in Starman and that one episode of Justice league unlimited so its nice to get a better grip on him. Its a good book!
I like drawing dudes with swords! I think I did this when I was still playing FF3 on my ds. I love the FF games, particularly the older ones but I find the character designs for all the heroes to be kind of infeminate. Its like why I cant but Orlando bloom as an action hero. Anyways....

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Anonymous said...

Lots of cool stuff here BRi! Keep it up! I really like your Batman