Saturday, October 25, 2008

No way Jose pt5

Lastly, I'd like to thank the comic book shoppe on Bank in Ottawa for hosting us it was a great event. Im going to link to some of the people who took part in the event with me, check out theyre blogs as well, theyre all super talented one and all. Steve Sloan Jordan Richer Caillen James Macaulay and Antonia Weri
Wicked, Thanks for reading!!


Patrick Grimwood said...

Dude, love the comic! Dinosaurs, motorcycles, villains, in a post-apocolyptic warzone... what doesn't this have!?! I can't wait to see how it escalates from No Way Jose fighting a chick with a shotgun to taking on tanks and dragons. Looking forward to Reel 2!

Kt Shy said...

There's something so innocent and extremely fun about this comic, I just get such a peppy upbeat vibe from it. Awesome work as usual Brian, hope to see this in print some day! And congrats on another successful 24 hour comic day, someday I'll stop being a sucker and actually participate.