Monday, October 13, 2008

Sandor Clegane, the Hound

So I've not been idle this whole time between posts. I've been working on my next book Jim and Jenn. Its gonna be a ninety page mean machine, Im on a strict schedule for it, minimum two pages a week. It will be for sure ready for TCAF this year. I've also applied for the Stumptown festival in April, Im hopefull I'll have it done by then but no promises. I am super excited about hitting the west coast though, watch for me!This is another in my series of ASOIAF pinups. This is Sandor Clegane, hes a wicked character. Goerge RR Martin does a fantastic job of building up these evil characters then making them sympathetic over time. Again do yourself a favour and read these books...theyre sweet!Also, next weekend, c'mon down to the Comic book shoppe in Ottawa, I'll be doing the 24 hour comic challenge there Love to see you out. Also look for a post of that in the next couple weeks.Word on the Street was a few weeks ago. It was wicked, if you stopped by, thanks for doing so, it was great to meet you! Cant wait for next year, it was a great show and lots of fun. Directly after Word on the Street there was the street fighter tribute launch party, there was a sweet party and a SF tournament. I got into the final eight but ended up getting smoked by some Blanka using dude. What a jerk. Anyways, hope you like the drawing. See ya soon. Happy Thanksgiving!


Stephen Sloan said...

Man, these keep getting better and better.
Have you seen these?
might be good referance if you're going to do a few more.
The hound is one of my favorite characters. I can't wait to hear more from him. Also, Chapters has the next book as being released in 2013, the fuck dude?

Patrick Grimwood said...

Nice Bri, NICE! Good luck at the 24 hour challenge and I am really looking forward to the 90 page Evinou-epic.

Ben Reynolds said...

Dude..totally nice. I already told you what I think, but I guess I should say it publicly. This is a solid piece man, nice work!

Stephen Sloan said...

Be sure to post what you have of 'No way Jose'. I did'nt get a chance to read it at the 24hcc and I wanna know what's what.

Ben Reynolds said...

I want to see Jose jump the dragon!!

Berry Groot said...

Nice artwork mate! Greets from a SOIAF fan from the Netherlands.