Friday, November 05, 2010

A new banner?

a doodle for all of youze....

Hey have you guys all heard of A.G Pasquella? He is a local author behind "Why not a Spider Monkey Jesus?" A.G and I are in the process of working on a short for a anthology together. Its looking like its going to be a blast. Anyways, his book is in a competition right now and could use your vote. All you do is click here and click on his book to vote for it. None of that leaving your email or signing up junk that you have to do when leaving a comment on my blog. Super easy! So please, take a minute and throw a vote A.G's way. The book is super rad and deserves the support! Again, to vote CLICK HERE!

so yeah, hope you guys like this drawing. I got a pretty full plate now, working on Fight Song and now this anthology. Expect more drawings loyal blog fans! I will never let ya down!

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