Thursday, November 18, 2010

SPOILERS! Jaime Lannister

Back to the Song of Ice and Fire fanart! This is a pretty spoiler heavy image of one of my fav characters Jaime Lannister. Over the course of the four books hes become one of if not my fav character. Anyways, here he is at the Siege of Riverrun. I can't tell you how excited for the fifth book I am. Can't friggin wait. I've been reading Goerge RR Martin's Dreamsong series and getting my fix that way, but nothing else quite fills that void. Also toats pumped for the TV series. I hope its a hit, I wanna see season three happen in particular. Its my fav book of the series. Although book four is all Jaime, he makes that book.

I realized today with Jaime, I'm getting quite a bit of SOIAF fanart together. Almost in order: Dany, Catelyn and Summer, Jon Snow, Oberyn, Sandor, Loras and my page 100 project. 8 now! Maybe I will make a mini of these all someday. Might eventually even revisit those first couple attempts. Dany and Cat never looked better!

Well what else, busy working on anthology work and my own minis. So keep coming back. Theres more for you here coming.

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Ben Reynolds said...

Nice drawing man. This dude REALLY likes Lions.

What is this book you speak of? is it really that good? should i hit it up?